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Hero’s maximum level increased to 120


Game Mechanics: Improvements to the Element System

Element predominance has been increased. From now on when you attack your opponent with a predominant element you deal 200% damage to them. If your opponent is immune to the element you control, you can deal 50% damage to them.
Special icons will help you understand how attacking with a specific element will affect your opponent.


Game Interface: Improved Disciplines

Additional disciplines now available:

Rout – Kill a specific number of opponents in one chain of attacks
Weapon Master – Kill a specific number of enemies using your Weapon Ability
Destruction – Destroy a specific number of objects in one chain of attacks

Once you have performed each of the above activities, the relevant note will be displayed.



Game Interface: Set Information Screen

Each Item now has a reference mark on its card. This reference mark allows you to preview the list of all items in a particular set.



New Equipment: Winged Despair

Get new equipment with a tragic backstory: the King of Hratun, Gunnvar the Mad wanted to drown the world in blood. He ordered his armourers and wizards to forge equipment filled with dark powers for him, which made him stronger but even more insane.