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1. Which platforms is the game available on?

Starting on November 9, 2017, Bladebound is available on Android, iOS and Amazon devices.

2. Why is it not possible to play offline?
An Internet connection is required to store data in the cloud so you can access your game on different devices or after reinstalling the application. Bladebound is a dynamic environment. Internet access allows you to keep up with New Events, Timed Tasks, Daily Challenges, as well as to enter the Arena Mode, where you can compete with other players.
3. Which languages does Bladebound support?
The game is available in 8 language versions: English, Polish, Chineese, Portuguese, German, French, Russian and Korean.
4. Where can I get more information?
For more information, follow us on Facebook or by typing #bladebound on Twitter and Instagram.  You should also visit our forum and Bladebound wiki. Subscribe to our Newsletter to gain access to exclusive content and other surprises reserved for subscribers only!
5. Why is customization of the playable character limited?

We consider adding more options such as appearance changes etc. soon. We’ll make sure to keep you up-to-date on anything new that comes up regarding character customization.

6. Why is there no female playable character in the game?
Bladebound is not a classic RPG. Unlike other games, the sex of the playable character is an important part of the storyline. Having introduced the Sentinel as one of the most important characters and bearing in mind her special relationship with the Bladebound Order, we decided that introducing a female playable character might be confusing. Having said that, we realize how this can be important to some players, and so we’ll consider adding this option in future. We’ll tell you as soon as we start working on it.
7. Why does the Lifting Capacity System force me to choose between Evolution Materials and other equipment?
We’re aware that this might be inconvenient. We’re currently working on redesigning this part of the game to make combining Items possible.
8. Why is Energy regeneration so slow?
The Energy system was developed to limit the length of each session, but that doesn’t mean less game content. We would like the player to get to know the game gradually so they never grow tired of it and get something new every time.
9. Why has my progress in the Arena been deleted?
Scores achieved in the Arena Mode are reset from time to time. When this happens, players get rewarded for the results they achieved throughout the season. Very often the reset is linked to a change in the overall game rules of the Arena Mode. We feel it’s only fair to clear the ranking and let players start again following the new rules.


1. Why can’t I download Bladebound?
There are various reasons why. First of all, you need to make sure you’re connected to the Internet. If the problem is linked to one of the stores, you should wait and try again after some time. A wireless Internet connection is always best for downloading content. You also need to make sure there is enough free space on your hard drive.
2. What are the technical specifications of the game?
For Android: Bladebound runs best on 4.2.2 or higher with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.
3. The application has stopped running. What should I do?
If this happens, please make sure there are no apps running in the background, as they may consume a lot of memory. Restart the game. If the problem persists, please contact our support team at
4. Why can’t I update Bladebound to the latest version?

Please make sure you have enough free storage space on your device. If the update is blocked by the store, you should wait and try again later.

5. How can I make sure my device is ready to play Bladebound?
Please make sure your phone or tablet has enough free disk space and that it complies with the minimum hardware requirements. You can also switch off background applications and clear your RAM.
6. Why is my debit card/PayPal not supported?

All payments are handled by the stores. For more information on Google Play payments, please visit: 

7. Can I transfer my save from one platform to another?

Unfortunately, we do not support transfering a save from one platform to another (f. e.x from Android to iOS), only within a given platform. With more questions contact us at

8. I want to play on an NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Have you considered adding support for controllers?

We don’t plan on supporting controllers. We’ll let you know if this changes.

9. How do I transfer my profile and game progress to another device?

Instructions for Android:

Instruction for users who are logged in:

  1. Please make sure you are logged in to Google Play Games on your old device. Go to Options → Main Menu → Gear in the upper corner on the right-hand side. If you are logged in you should see the LOG OUT button on the screen. If you are logged out, you should see the LOG IN button on the screen.
  2. Log in to the same Google Play account from your new device.
  3. If during the first run you accidentally selected a different account or no account:
    a) Please play the game until the Main Menu unlocks.
    b) Select Options in the Main Menu.
    c) If you are logged out press LOG IN and if you are logged in to a different account press LOG OUT.
    d) After being redirected to the synchronization screen, please select the right account.
    e) A ‘Which game progress do you wish to save?’ message should appear on the screen. If you are logged in, please select ‘Save progress stored in the cloud’
    WARNING! This action overwrites locally saved data. If you were logged out, your save has not been sent to the cloud and your game progress will be irretrievably overwritten.
  4. Your game progress (Save) should download from the cloud automatically.

Instruction for users who are not logged in:

  1. Open the Android/data/com.artifexmundi.balefire/files folder on your old device.
  2. Make a copy of save4.bin and save4.bin.bak and store them in a safe location.
  3. Install Bladebound on your new device.
  4. Copy the save4.bin and save4.bin.bak files into the Android/data/com.artifexmundi.balefire/files folder or replace the existing copies on your new device.
  5. Run the game.

Export locally saved game progress into the cloud:
(Switch from logged out mode to logged in mode)

  1. Log in to Google Play Games.
  2. From the Main Menu screen, select Options → Google Play Games ‘Log in’.
  3. Choose the account you wish to use for Google Play Games.
  4. The start game screen should appear. If there was no game progress saved to the cloud for this account, the save will be sent automatically. Otherwise the user will be asked which save should be used: the local one or the one from the server. Please select ‘Local Save’.



For iOS, simply log in to your account.

10. What is causing the synchronization problems when I’m connecting to the Bladebound servers?

In most cases this is the result of a bad or slow Internet connection. If the problems persist, please try using a different Wi-Fi network.

11. I lost my save during the last update. How can I get it back?

Please email us at providing detailed information about your account, including account name, device details, and update date. We will do our best to help!

12. I purchased some premium currency (Gems), but it isn’t showing up in the game. What should I do?

Please email us at providing detailed information about your account, including account name, device name, purchase date, and the email you received as confirmation of your purchase.

13. I need more information. How can I contact you?

You may email us at, or send us a message via our fan page fan page or forums.


1. What is the game about?

Bladebound is a dark tale of vanity-fueled treason, a story of vengeance, and a tale of a larger-than-life sense of responsibility. The story revolves around the last knight of the Bladebound Order, reborn after a thousand years of non-existence. Bladebound is an action RPG model for mobile devices, where playable character movements are controlled with a joystick. The purpose of the game is to help your character evolve by finding the best equipment.

2. What is the purpose of Energy?
Each battle will cost your character some Energy and weaken him. A certain number of Energy Points will be deducted in each level of the game. When your Energy value reaches zero, your character will not be able to start a new quest. After some time yout Energy will regenerate. It can also be restored in return for Gems.
3. What is the purpose of Portals?
Portals are the magical remnants of the Ancient Creatures, who many consider to be world’s creators. Their past function remains unknown. In the game they are used to get Items, Weapons, and Armor in return for rare currency (Gems).
4. How do I unlock the next level of the game?
Completing one level unlocks the next one. Completing some levels also unlocks different game Modes such as the Arena or Challenge Modes as well as different degrees of difficulty.
5. What are Elements and what is their purpose?

Items and opponents are divided into six groups, each of which has an Element assigned to it. Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Nature, and Physics. Fire defeats Nature, Nature defeats Darkness, Darkness defeats Light, Light defeats Water, Water defeats Fire. Physics is neutral.
Each Item has a unique ability to deal damage with a particular Element. When you attack with an Element your opponents have a weakness to, you deal 200% damage to them. When your opponent is immune to the Element you are using, you can only deal 50% damage to them. Physics Items are neutral and have no strong or weak points. They always deal 100% damage.

6. How do I use Spells?

Proficiency in combat Spells is tested during the Trial of Nine Swords and determines the position each knight has in the Bladebound Order. Spells may be used for various actions, from offensive attacks to temporary enhancements. Each Spell needs to be charged before it can be used. This can be done by collecting the Mana dropped by defeated opponents.

7. How do Spells differ from other Abilities?

To use the Ability assigned to an Item, you need to make the correct gesture and have a Stamina Gem charged. To cast Spells you use the Mana earned by defeating enemies. Spells are more unique and rarely used, while other Abilities are commonly used throughout the game.

8. What is Mastery?

Mastery can be found in the top-left corner of an Item Card (the +1 in the top corner of the Item Card). It adds +1 to a particular statistic, for example +1 Attack, +1 HP, etc. Mastery is already included in the number shown on an Item Card. For example, a sword has 100 Attack and +1 Mastery, so its card will show 101 Attack.

9. What is Ability Level?

The Ability Level determines the strength of an Ability (increasing its multipliers). The Ability Level can be increased through the Fusion of Items of the same Ability and same Element.

10. How can my character get to the next level of Experience?

The next level can be reached by earning Experience Points, which can be earned by completing and repeating locations as well as for completing certain tasks.

11. What is the purpose of Fusion?

Fusion allows you to make Items more advanced and raise their stats. Fusion is most effective when you use Items that belong to the same Element or Ability. Special bonuses can also be gained from Fusion Materials.

12. What is the purpose of Item Evolution?

Evolution is an advanced level of merging Items. After an Item reaches its maximum level through Fusion, you can use Evolution Materials to make it evolve to a higher Tier. Higher Tiers unlock passive Abilities.

13. How can I move an Item into a higher Tier?

First you need to reach the maximum level of the Item through Fusion and then use Evolution Materials to make it evolve.

14. What can I buy with Gold?

Gold can be used during Fusion and Evolution.

15. What is the purpose of Tokens?

Tokens are the currency used in a Stable Portal. Leaving them in the Portal may get you a reward, but the chances of getting something really special are quite low.

16. What are Evolution Materials and what is their purpose?

Evolution Materials are Items used during the Evolution process. Combining them with an Item that is at its maximum level will allow it to evolve to the next Tier.

17. Can a Slot be added to my Inventory?

Yes. A Slot can be added to your Inventory in return for Gems. This can be done in the top right corner of the Inventory screen.

18. Which Items can be merged?
Every Item can be merged. Fusion of the same Inventory Slot Item has a chance of boosting Mastery. Fusion of Items belonging to the same Element increases an Item’s Experience Points.


1. How will I be notified of updates and special events?
To keep up with all the latest news, please subscribe to our Newsletter and join the forums. We also plan on introducing push notifications soon. Zero spam guaranteed!
2. Do you plan to publish the game for consoles?
At the moment we are focusing on providing the highest standard of entertainment to mobile devices users, and do not plan to publish on other platforms.
3. Do you plan to publish the game for PC/Mac?
At the moment we are focusing on providing the highest standard of entertainment to mobile devices users, and do not plan to publish on other platforms.
4. Will Artifex Mundi continue to publish HOPA games?
Without a doubt Artifex Mundi will continue to publish hidden object games. Please visit our website and our Facebook for more information.
5. How often do you plan on adding new maps and islands?
New content is being added regularly. Islands and levels are not the only elements we are adding. We plan to upgrade the Arena and create exciting new Modes that are not necessarily linked to the storyline. We will make sure you never grow tired of Bladebound! 🙂
6. What changes are you planning for the future?
At the moment we are focusing on polishing all the elements of the game to make sure you can have as much fun as possible while playing. We plan to gradually add new Challenges, Locations, Items, Spells, and Abilities. We also have some other ideas to surprise you with. But we’re going to keep them secret for now 😉